Short Pinky

Short Pinky

Also known as:

"Little Toe"

Shoe Recommendations:

based on foot width

Foot Description - Does This Foot Description Fit?

This variation may occur with any shape foot.


This toe may not be protected by shoes sized for toes nearer the same length. Strapped sandals can be a problem.

Just for Fun Foot Fortune-Telling

Short Pinky

This is distinctive of individualists. Those with a very small pinky often do things their own way. Although at first glance, their ideas seem to be outlandish, later it turns out that they had it spot on. Toes like these indicate that you’re generally pretty open, but that’s there’s one specific aspect of your personality that you’re shy or secretive about.

Most likely to twiddle in the middle!

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Foot Types

Celtic Foot
No wonder the Celts went barefoot!
Egyptian Foot
Walk (and dance) like an Egyptian!
German Foot
Leads with the big toe!
Greek Foot
The most beautiful foot (according to the sculptors)!
Peasant Foot
Peasant? This is a "Giselle" foot!
Roman Foot
Friends, Romans, Dancers, lend me your ghillies!
Flat Feet
Flat Feet
High Arches
High Arch
Straight Feet
Happy Feet
Toe Gap
Flip flops may not be for you ...
Short Pinky
This little piggy ...
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Take me to your leader!
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