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Scottish Country Dancers are a devoted lot and spend much of their leisure time on the dance floor.  While you're resting your feet, enjoy this site created especially for the online Scottish Country Dancer online, a central direction hub for all your dancing needs, quick reference, a dancing boutique, and a wee bit of amusement.  Supplementing and providing directions to the best of the Scottish Country Dancing online information sites, we hope you'll stop here and find something useful and new, or easy links to your existing favorites.

This site was created by a member of The Red Thistle Dancers who has spent far too much time online searching for just the right pair of dance shoes and then forgetting where the most useful online information is located.

Stay tuned for more information as this site evolves.

  • Ladies Sashes/Brooches

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  • Beginner's Guide

  • Clip Art

  • What to Wear

  • Kilt me Up

Need new Scottish Country Dance shoes or Highland Dance ghillies?   We've got a new database of all the offerings from trusted vendors on the web along with a fit, features, and find-a-shoe guide for honing in on the best pair for your unique dancing feet!

Traveling and want to find a local Scottish Country Dance Group?  Start here to find the nearest group. 

Need a gift for a Scottish Country Dance devotee?   Need to pick up a few items for the next dance event or celebration? See our selection of unique Scottish Country giftware and curated shopping.  Coming soon!

Looking to amuse yourself with a few games or artistic images of the Scottish Country Dance variety while resting your feet?  Need some clip art?  Check out our amusement section. Coming Soon!

A serious dance history scholar?   Collector?   We've got a growing virtual library of vintage, antique and pointers to new resources on the subject.  

Want a few Scottish Country Dance jokes for your next dancing Burns Night?

Well ... we admit to being a bit short on Scottish Country Dance jokes.

How many Scottish Country Dancers DOES it take to screw in a lightbulb?


If you know the answer, please let us know. 


Happy Dancing!


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